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Skilled Texas Oil & Gas Litigation Attorney Works to Resolve Disputes

Respected Dallas business law firm settles fraud and contract issues

In Texas oil and gas business transactions, large sums of money are often at stake. From the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger in Dallas, I strive to help my clients protect their resources and investments when disputes arise. My firm files lawsuits to hold dishonest businesses accountable when they defraud investors in financial scams. I also handle disputes over oil rights, payments and contract terms, among other matters. Practicing business law in Texas since 1989, I have extensive experience in the civil courts of Dallas and will handle your litigation with the precision and professionalism you deserve.

Accomplished lawyer represents investors defrauded in oil and gas scams

The oil and gas industry has afforded many Texas entrepreneurs and investors the chance to make a good living and provide for their families, but not all salespeople who push oil and gas investments are legitimate. Con artists and deceitful companies take advantage of optimistic Texans by promising fortunes in exchange for investments. People from all walks of life have lost their retirement or life savings by investing in oil and gas projects pushed by fraudulent salespeople who assured them of high rewards.

I represent victims in oil and gas fraud cases, including Ponzi schemes that involve numerous plaintiffs. My firm conducts thorough investigations and collects evidence to demonstrate when companies make false claims and trick people out of their cash. Oftentimes, investments that are supposed to go toward driving profits for an oil company are instead pocketed by salespeople and executives to fund their lavish lifestyles.

I respect my clients’ time and financial well-being in all oil and gas litigation. That’s why, whenever possible, I seek negotiated settlements, but I won’t hesitate to fight in court when that serves my clients’ best interests.

Attentive attorney handles breach of contract and infringement cases

Fraud is far from the only concern oil and gas companies need to worry about. With decades of experience as a business litigator, I help clients settle a wide range of disagreements. My office pursues solutions to:

  • Contract disputes — I work to resolve conflicts between parties in royalty and lease agreements and protect clients in disputes over the terms of oil and gas production and operation agreements. Whether you seek remedies for a contract breach or are alleged to have caused a breach, you can rely on me to seek the best possible outcome.
  • Oil rights infringement — My firm handles cases where ownership of mineral or property rights is disputed. Understanding the value of these rights, I am committed to helping you keep the assets that belong to you.

My priorities are to protect your business interests, reputation and bottom line. I tailor my legal strategy to fit your company’s concerns and goals. Often, it is possible to achieve a settlement agreement without the need for a civil trial, but if your case goes to court, I will diligently pursue a favorable result.

Contact a knowledgeable Dallas oil and gas litigator to schedule a consultation

Based in Dallas, the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger represents Texas businesses and individuals in oil and gas litigation. My firm has served the Dallas area since 1989, providing trustworthy guidance and representation. To schedule a consultation about your legal issue, call my office at 469-212-9764 or contact me online.

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