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Oil & Gas Investment Fraud

Trusted Texas Oil & Gas Fraud Attorney Represents Defrauded Investors

Respected Dallas lawyer litigates energy company investment fraud cases

Orchestrators of oil and gas investment scams wreak serious havoc in the lives of people and companies. At the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger in Dallas, I pursue legal action against those who defraud individual investors and businesses in Texas out of their hard-earned money. An experienced civil litigator and business attorney, I have advocated for clients in the Dallas area since 1989. With diligence and care, I seek the financial remedies my clients deserve.

Experienced lawyer recognizes common oil and gas scams

All too often, scammers take advantage of the public interest in Texas natural energy resources. They trick regular, hopeful people into illegal and nonexistent investment schemes. Men and women across the state have been pressured into handing over their life savings, only to learn that they were sold a lie.

Dishonest salespeople use a number of tactics to defraud investors. They may claim that a company is about to strike oil but needs investments to pay for drilling. This drilling may or may not actually occur. If it does and the well comes up dry, the investment is lost forever. Some fraudulent companies overestimate expected financial gains, leading investors to believe they will make far more money than they actually will. In other cases, companies claim that investment funds will be put into oil and gas wells, when the funds are really pocketed by salespeople and promoters or used for a Ponzi scheme.

If you suspect that you made a deal with a fraudulent business, it is smart to report your suspicions to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and to seek legal guidance as soon as possible. An experienced civil litigator can help you seek justice through the court system. I have obtained positive results for defrauded investors in complicated oil & gas litigation cases.

Thorough attorney reviews oil investment opportunities for warning signs

Before investing with an oil or gas company, carefully review the offer for any indication that it may be untrustworthy. The following red flags should raise an alert that a deal might be a scam:

  • Unsolicited offers — An investment opportunity offered by an unknown person or business should be viewed with suspicion. Scam artists reach potential victims any way they can, including by phone, email, regular mail and a combination of these methods. Even when investment brochures are well designed and the salesperson seems to know what they are talking about, conduct thorough research into the company. You can never be too cautious.
  • High-pressure sales tactics — A salesperson may claim this is your “last chance” to invest, and that only a small number of shares are available. They may say you will miss out on making money if you don’t act fast. Don’t give in to their bullying.
  • Outsized promises — Promises of high return rates and profits deserve skepticism. Investing in a private oil and gas offering carries a built-in level of risk, so a salesperson cannot make an honest guarantee that you will “strike it rich.”
  • Requests for secrecy — If a salesperson discourages you from telling other people about the investment opportunity, he may be untrustworthy. Legitimate securities brokers understand that it is wise for a customer to seek financial and legal guidance before making any investment.

Contact a skilled Dallas oil and gas fraud litigator to schedule a consultation

At the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger in Dallas, Texas, I work hard to help my clients recover money lost due to oil and gas investment fraud. My legal services are personal, professional and cost-efficient. To schedule a consultation with my office, call 469-212-9764 or contact me online.

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