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Fraudulent Transactions

Skilled Dallas Lawyer Represents Companies Harmed by Fraudulent Transactions

Determined Texas attorney helps defrauded business clients pursue damages

While many people see successful businesses as admirable contributors to society and the economy, a few greedy people see the potential to steal from business owners and pocket the money for their own gain. At the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger in Dallas, Texas, I seek justice for businesses harmed by fraudulent transactions. Whether an employee misused a company card for personal expenses, a contractor made false claims to secure a service contract, or a dishonest person took advantage in some other way, I will work diligently to help you recoup your losses.

Seasoned Dallas law firm settles and litigates fraud claims

Fraud occurs when one party purposely deceives another by using false statements with the intent that the second party will rely on those statements, and that by relying on the statements, the second party suffers harm.

Many different types of fraudulent transactions can be used to deprive a business of resources while lining the pockets of a defendant. Standard types of fraud in business are:

  • Fraud by nondisclosure — Fraud by nondisclosure occurs when one party has a duty to disclose information to another party, but deliberately neglects this duty with the intention of influencing the other’s actions, resulting in injury. An example is a vendor who fails to inform a purchaser about changes to the quality of ingredients or parts he sells, leaving the purchaser with low-quality, unusable goods.
  • Fraudulent inducement — If one party convinces another to sign a contract by intentionally making a material misrepresentation that is either knowingly false or unknown to be true, the groundwork has been laid for a case of fraudulent inducement. If the party who signed the contract suffers injury, damages can be sought. An example: a real estate broker gets a business owner to sign a commercial lease in a strip mall by claiming the mall will be populated with other businesses that attract high foot traffic, when in fact no such businesses have signed leases. The business that signed the lease loses customers and profits.

In Texas, there is a four-year statute of limitations for seeking damages as a victim of fraud. If you believe your business was defrauded, explore your options with an attorney as soon as possible. With over three decades of experience in business litigation, I have successfully sought civil relief for companies defrauded in a range of instances.

Decisive litigator seeks financial compensation to cover business losses

There are both criminal and civil penalties for people who commit fraud. In civil court, a plaintiff who suffered harm can seek different forms of damages depending on the type of fraud. The plaintiff may be able to recover out-of-pocket damages, benefit-of-the-bargain damages, and actual damages for the cost of injury to a person or property. In some cases, the court also imposes punitive damages to punish the defendant.

My goal will be to efficiently obtain a settlement or verdict that grants compensation that fully addresses your business losses. When punitive damages are allowable, I will present a passionate argument as to why you should receive additional compensation.

Contact a skilled Dallas fraudulent transaction litigator to schedule a consultation

At the Law Office of Paul R. Clevenger in Dallas, Texas, I help Dallas business owners seek damages for the harm caused by fraudulent transactions. To schedule your consultation with my office, call 469-212-9764 or contact me online.

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