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Many business people would like to know what a business lawyer charges for legal services. Like most business attorneys, I usually charge a flat hourly rate for litigation matters. I will occasionally take a collection case on a contingency fee basis, which means that I will keep a percentage of the amount collected, if any, as my fee. For transactional matters, such as purchase or sale, contract drafting, corporate dissolution and the like, I charge an hourly rate.

I strive to provide quality legal services at a reasonable price. Accordingly, my law firm adheres to the following fee and billing policies:

  • I provide you with a written agreement clearly defining the matter I will be handling for you, and explaining how you will be charged.
  • I charge only for active legal work that moves your case or matter toward resolution or completion. I won’t “churn” your file by wasting time on unnecessary tasks, meetings, conferences or telephone calls.
  • I handle most, if not all, of the work on your file myself. I never use inexperienced lawyers to “learn the ropes” at your expense. Just as you would want a senior surgeon rather than a medical resident to perform your surgery, you need an experienced attorney, not a young associate, in charge of your file.
  • I normally don’t charge for secretarial work, such as word processing, filing documents or delivering packages. I don’t charge for copies unless they are extensive.
  • I set time limits on what I will charge for each task. If I spend more time or a motion, brief or contract than usual in order to perfect it, I don’t charge for the extra time.
  • I communicate with my clients regularly regarding the progress of each case or matter and to the extent possible discuss strategy in advance, so there are no major surprises regarding the amount or cost of my work.
  • I provide detailed monthly invoices that describe in detail what services I perform, and the amount of time spent on the services.

I believe that these policies go a long way to providing business clients with a satisfactory resolution of their case or matter at a fair cost. If you have a legal dispute or feel you need advice from an experienced business attorney, please give me a call. Let me put my experience to work for you.

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